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Sep 27, 2004

This is an old new, but I'll write anyway, Mono Hispano's new website is up and running, Fabian had done a really nice job, everyone in the monohispano's list want to help, maybe the site will change a lot the next days, I hope seeing more features

Two days ago, while I was doing homework, I used the nice Java (I also like Java) for doing some oriented objects programs, I want to use C# but at school there isn't any C# compiler, and I can't install it because of the user's privileges, and I don't like Delphi nor Visual Basic, so I decided to use my old oriented object language: Java. It isn't fast but I like it anyway, also the new version has a nice look-and-feel for Swing. Give it a try.

MonoUML is still inactive, both Rodolfo and Mario, are busy, so am I. I really want to keep developing this project, I like it very much, If anyone want to help, download it through cvs everything is there, then suscribe to the mailing list and tell us about it.

I learned today: 'I still like Java'

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