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About me

I’m a Computer Systems Engineer with more than 15 years of professional Software Engineering and Software Development experience, I specialize in Architecting and Implementing Performant Real Time Scalable Web Services.

I’m a hands-on Engineer with manager experience mentoring junior engineers and coordinating work with distributed teams across multiple time zones. Although I prefer working on Go/Ruby-based systems, I fear no technology whatsoever, new or “legacy”.

I assure one thing: with enough time and human resources I will be able to deliver the best software anyone dreamed of, not only the one that performs the best under heavy load, but also the one that is written with the best Software Development practices, that will be delivered when the deadline is reached and will allow anyone else to improve it in the future.

Officially, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering with a Major in Relational Databases, from the Instituto Tecnologico de Veracruz in Mexico (I bet you never heard of this college).

Some of my Open Source projects

All of these are sadly defunct, but they do bring back good memories

  • MonoUML CASE Tool
  • nUML .NET UML 2.2 library
  • Tasque Task management application.
  • Pulque Helps you maintain parallel development environments.
  • Vimeo# Full Vimeo API implementation in C#.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please email me to <blog><@><>.


Please be aware of the following:

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